Defactor partners with Amplify Protocol

Defy crypto loan platform

Earn up to 25% on your USDC

Earn passive income on your stablecoin assets with high annual returns and rewards

Current rates

Explore the variety of stablecoins and rates offered by
Amplify Protocol pools

Why earn with Amplify

The sweet spot for your portfolio growth, assets security
and inclusive finance

Permissionless lending

Permissionless lending

Lend with no lockup periods or KYC verification

Loan default protection

Loan default protection

Lending is protected by Amplify's LPF

Vetted borrowers

Vetted borrowers

On-chain credit trust score and community approval. Want to become a borrower? Submit our application for review.

Governance & staking

AMPT Token, the governance power of Amplify Protocol

Governance & Staking

AMPT Token

Earn AMPT tokens form platform contributions and become part of the DAO.

Our community

Join the growing community around Amplify Protocol and
meme with us together