Earn high yield on your stable coins

Amplify Protocol provides access to high yield through non-custodial platform, backed by real-world assets.

Get your tokens & earn rewards

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Earn interest with every block

Earned interest is accumulated and distributed per block and automatically compounded.

Lend and redeem at any time

We don't hold custody of your funds. Deposit or redeem your balance at any time.

Get rewarded for your contribution

AMPT tokens are distributed to protocol contributors for lending or redeeming into the pools

Hand-picked and verified borrowers

Our team performs KYC/AML on every borrower to ensure we minimise your risks and don't introduce bad actors.

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Bring crypto loans to real world

What makes Amplify platform worthy

Earn stablecoins yield backed by real world

Join the diversity of pools from different borrowers and empower industries across the world

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